“Hey Vern! 

One of my residential rentals needs a new roof. Right now, we’ve got asphalt shingles…but I’ve read that metal has more durability. 

Still, I’ve always thought of metal as a commercial roof, not for housing. What are your thoughts on replacing asphalt shingles with metal? Pros/Cons?

Sam from Harrisburg, PA

Hey Sam!

Great question.

Did you know that outside of North America, most countries don’t use asphalt shingles? Even for residential applications?


A couple of reasons- but you hit on the big one in your question: Durability.

Asphalt roofing is made by gluing asphalt with adhesive to a base mat. With time, weather causes the adhesive to weaken and leads to deterioration. This causes a host of problems, such as algae grown, shingle roll, and the general instability that leads to a need for repair and replacement.

Even with good maintenance, asphalt shingles generally have a 20 year lifespan.

Compare that to metal- which needs much less attention and has a lifespan of up to 60 years.

By switching to a metal roof, you cut out the big issues of material decay or algae growth. And that 40 years of extra wear makes a BIG difference to your property’s value. Thinking of selling your rentals in the future? Metal roofing can increase your property value by up to 6%.

Is Metal Roofing Right for a Residential Rental?

Metal roof on residential home

Metal roofing is quickly growing more popular with residential homes, for durability, yes, but also for style. In the last 10 years, we’ve seen metal roofing shift from the few commercial options it was known for to a material with dozens of available styles and colors.

You mentioned your property currently has asphalt shingles. If you like that look, have you considered substituting metal shingles? You get to keep with your familiar style, but still reap the benefits of metal’s durability and fire resistance.

Sam, changing materials is a big decision but I’m glad to hear you’re considering the switch. I think you’ll love the peace of mind (and time saved on repairs!) you’ll get from choosing a metal roof.

If you’d like to learn more about your options, our team would love to chat!


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