Hey Vern, 

We need a new roof bad…but deciding between different quotes has been a real headache. It’s just asphalt shingle. We received one roofing quote for $8,250 and another for $17,450. That’s a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

How am I supposed to know whether the larger roof quote is worth it? Or if the cheap quote is something I’ll regret? Any advice on what to look for?

Let me know what you think! The sooner we can get started on the job, the better. 

Ryan from Pottsville, PA

Ryan, thanks for reaching out! 

A new roof installation is an important job. Not to put any pressure on you but…choosing the right bid is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make. 

You want a reliable contractor- someone who’s on time and protects your home by installing the material right the first time. But does that always mean you have to choose the most expensive quote to get a trustworthy contractor?

Before getting started, ask yourself what you expect out of your roofing contractor. 

Do you want someone who: 

    • Handles permits 
    • Prioritizes cleanliness
    • Has experience working with your roof material

When something goes wrong with a roof install, it’s a big deal. Roofs are more than cosmetic, they protect your biggest asset. So while materials are important, it’s also good to think about your expectations for installation.

My advice? Prioritize what you expect from the job and let the services provided dictate your decision. 

You’ve done your due diligence by rounding up multiple roofing quotes. So you know the range of price for the installation you’re looking for. In your message you only mention two (and you may have gotten more), but for the sake of conversation- let’s start at the basics here and talk about “The Rule of Three”.

The Rule of Three 

Roof installation

A common “trick” to choosing a contractor is to receive three quotes and go with the cheapest. 

This is widely accepted as the best method but there’s flaws to the theory. Ever heard the expression “You Get What You Pay For?” If you’re paying for the cheapest installation, you’re taking a risk on the outcome. 

Low quotes mean: 

    • Additional ‘surprise’ expenses during the installation
    • Contractors who cut corners by layering shingles, not installing underlayment, and not checking attic ventilation
    • Costly repairs down the road when a roof fails before its time- and wasn’t installed to fit warranty coverage. 

Yes, you absolutely should get multiple quotes on a project as big as installing a new asphalt shingle roof. But take your time and vet the best choice! If your roof is actively leaking, you might feel pressured to take the first quote you get (or go with the contractor who can get you on the schedule the fastest).

Here’s a great way to look at it: 

A skilled team can replace your asphalt roof in a couple of days. 

That means you can take the extra time to focus on finding a contractor that fits your needs. When install starts it goes fast. Smart consumers know that doing a little groundwork is worth the extra day or two before accepting a quote. 

What should you check when choosing a contractor?

First, Check the Reviews

5 star review of roofing company

The internet is a great place to start.

Look up each company you’ve received a quote from. What are the reviews?

Look up your top roofing quote contractors on Better Business Review or check Google. People are honest and critical of any job. If one of your top contractors has less than stellar reviews, or doesn’t have any reviews, that’s a sign to think twice. 

Review of Martin Carpentry

If you already know what product you want installed, you can find a great contractor through the manufacturer, too. At Martin, we have to be certified by manufacturers in order for our clients to qualify for the highest level of warranty. A manufacturer can put you in contact with contractors in your area who have a good reputation- and have met all the requirements for certification.

They’ll put you in touch with up to three quality contractors in your area. You can give it a try here!

Second- Quality in Materials AND Workmanship 

New asphalt roof

Quality and reliability must be your #1 priority in any roofing installation. 

Choosing well-made American materials means your roof will keep your home protected for 25+ years when installed correctly.

Quality in installation means not cutting corners, not rushing the job, and not leaving you unsatisfied with your new roof. 

Ryan, don’t go with the cheapest roofing quote but don’t automatically jump into the most expensive one either. 

    • Have a discussion with your contractors (if they won’t take time to answer your questions straight and honest- that’s a big red flag). 
    • Read through your bid and ask for clarification on installation process, projected install time, and material availability.
    • Ask about warranties and guarantees.
    • Ask about what happens if the installer discovers something unexpected while replacing your roof.
    • See if ventilation is included. 
    • Choose a local company (instead of out-of-state) that can be held accountable for any unexpected issues. 

Ultimately, go with your gut. It’s best to choose a roofing quote from a company that values the same things you do. 

Here at Martin, we know the importance of quality. As a family owned company, we want the best for your family, too. We respect your home, pride ourselves on quick installation, and leave every jobsite clean and free of debris. 

If you’re looking for a team that values what you do, we’re here to help. 

I hope you feel better informed to make the best decision for your home and if you’d like to talk more about how our team can help, give me a call at 570-345-0436. 

Until next time, 


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