Hey Vern!

My husband and I spent all spring repairing our front porch. Now that the hard work is over, we’re excited to decorate it! I want to hang up a welcome sign and some decor from the siding, but I don’t know how to! LOL.

I know drilling into the siding isn’t a good idea, but I’m not sure how else to go about it. Command strips?

I’d love to decorate our front porch for the summer but I don’t want to damage the siding. Any thoughts??


Joan from Pottsville, PA


Decorating the outside of your home is becoming just as popular as decorating the inside. My wife, Jenny, was thinking of doing the same! And the good news is that there is a safe way to do it, too. 

I’m glad you asked. 

You’re right- drilling into your siding is never a good choice. Your siding is your home’s first defense from the elements and drilling into it can compromise that protection. Holes in your siding create openings for water damage. This can lead to mold damage and hefty home repair bills. 

Plus- most siding warranties are voided when the siding has been drilled into. That’s not worth a welcome sign!

So, let’s take a look at some of the safe options for hanging things on your vinyl siding. 

Siding Hooks

Siding hooks

Siding hooks are by far the most popular tool for hanging things on vinyl siding. They’ve grown in popularity because they’re:

    • Easy to use and remove
    • Damage free 
    • A “hidden” way to attach decor to vinyl siding

The hooks are designed with a wedge on the top which slides under your siding. The attachment itself is concealed behind the siding, and only the hook is visible. 

They come in different sizes depending on how thick you need the hook to be. 

The only downside? Siding hooks can only support a maximum of 12 pounds. That means they’re perfect for your welcome sign but probably not strong enough to support any plants. I’d err on the side of caution. If you aren’t sure the quality of your vinyl installation- don’t try to max out the weight on any hanging solution.

The Best Choice for Heavier Decor

Hanging plants on siding

Ready to hang potted plants and heavy signs from your home? It’s possible to do but it’s not as straightforward.

While it’s true that you should never drill into your siding, it is possible to remove and drill behind it. In fact, it’s one of the only ways to support heavier objects. 

Here’s three steps to follow for the best and safest results: 

  1. Remove the Siding Where You Want to Drill. You’ll want to pick up a siding removal tool for this step. You can get them at most local hardware stores and are easy to use. 
  2. Screw into the Sheathing. Measure where you’d like the hanger, and screw into the sheathing. Attach a heavy duty wire to the sheathing. It’s important to choose a wire that is strong enough to hold whatever you’re hanging up. 
  3. Replace the Siding. Drape the wire out past the siding and attach the slat back into place. You’re ready to hang your item now! 

It’s easy to damage your siding in the removal process and even to damage your home when drilling into the sheathing. The safest way to complete this project is by working with a professional. 

Ready to Start Decorating? 

You’re ready to start hanging up that welcome sign! And if you need help with the heavier decorations, my team would be happy to help. 

We’ll work with you to safely hang your decorations without damaging your siding. Just give me a call at 570-345-0406 to get started. 

Until next time, 


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