Every summer, we install nearly fifty asphalt shingle roofs. It’s the most popular choice for roofing, which means dozens of homeowners turn to our crew every year, trusting us to protect their most important investment- their home.

Most homeowners understand how important their roof is in protecting their home’s value. After all, a good roof is the first line of defense against weather- protecting the rest of your structure from the top down.

What’s the best way to protect your most important investment? A solid roof.

To protect the people you love? A solid roof.  

To create decades of worry-free homeownership? A solid roof. 

But here’s something you might not have thought about:

That same roof? It’s also sheltering your neighbor.



What if I told you your roof is doing more than keeping your dining room dry- it’s also putting food on your neighbor’s table?  That when our crew replaces your roof, you’re doing more than protecting your family…you’re also putting a roof over your neighbor’s head.

When you choose Martin Carpentry to install your asphalt shingles…you’re doing just that.

How? Because we always install local, American-made GAF asphalt shingles on our client’s homes.

Big Purchases Make a Big Impact

“Local” is a big buzzword right now- especially with the economic impact this pandemic has had our communities.

We’ve all heard that shopping local keeps more money in our towns. Statistics like- on average, 48% of each purchase made at an independent business is recirculated locally, compared to 14% of money spent at a big box chain.

But until recently? Unless you’re a business owner yourself, the concept can seem…abstract.

We like the idea of supporting local farmers- but it’s not always easy to make those purchases when running through the grocery last minute to pick up something quick for dinner. If you’re like us, you’re most attune during the holidays, when we make an effort to visit our favorite local gift shops at Christmas, pick up a few gift certificates around town.

While little, everyday actions add up- we rarely think of how big purchases, like investing in our homes, can ripple out and change the lives of those around us.

Here’s the truth: Big purchases make a big impact. 

That’s why I wanted to take a minute and talk about, of all things, our shingle supplier- GAF.

Your Roof: Pennsylvania Made and Proud

With worldwide supply chains being interrupted- it’s easier for us all to see how important family businesses are to keeping our communities strong- and healthy.

I know what you’re thinking…

“What does this have to do with roofing???”


When we at Martin Carpentry say we’re a “family-focused business”, that means more to us than just supporting our own family…or the families of our crew.

It means more than putting a solid, quality roof over your family when you hire us to protect your homes.

To us, “family-focused” means making choices that support our neighbors. That means supporting American families- especially Pennsylvania families- from start to finish.

You might be thinking…

“How does a construction company do that???” 

First step- choosing who supplies our materials, and making a choice that is the best for our local economy. With us, quality is always first. We want to make sure whatever we build for you stands up to the highest standards of craftsmanship. But where those materials are made? Is also important.

Given the choice, we’ll go with quality, locally manufactured materials everytime.

And we’re fortunate to have that chance with one of the nation’s largest manufacturers creating great product, and great jobs, right in our backyard.


Because when you choose materials that are manufactured in America, you’re not only getting the best product- you’re putting money in the paychecks of your friends and neighbors.

Which is why we’re proud to install America’s best- and Pennsylvania-manufactured- shingles from GAF.

The Best Asphalt Shingles for Your Home

We’ve been certified with GAF since 2011. But even before that, they were the only asphalt shingles we used on our customer’s homes.

Why do we love them?

#1. Their color line is incredible– with colors that elevate the beauty of every home we work on.

In the end, we want to create incredible looking homes. That’s why we make it a point to work with homeowners to find the best color for their exterior.

GAF makes our job easy because we know that no matter what vision you have for your home- we’ll be able to make it happen. (Want to know more about how to choose the best roof- and best color- for your home? Read our Ultimate Guide to Residential Roofing here. )

#2. Shingles that put architectural looks within reach- often homeowners come to us looking for a classic style for a historical build only to find that historically accurate materials, like cedar shake, aren’t the best choice for their project. GAF’s line of designer shingles give homeowners options– and we love being able to make our customer’s design ideas happen no matter what their home build. 

#3. Lasting quality- We would never put your family’s home at risk, and neither will GAF. Their quality is excellent and their warranty? They stand behind it. We know when we install these shingles we’re not just building a beautiful roof, you’re installing decades of peace-of-mind.

#4. American Manufactured…and Pennsylvania Proud- After opening their first Pennsylvania plant in New Columbia in 2018, GAF reinvested in our community by expanding the scope of their operation this year. Why? They recognized the quality of our workforce. We love that! After all, we live here, too- and we’re proud to be using materials that create jobs and bolster our local economy. 

Ready for a New Roof?

There are a lot of great crews and quality contractors in Pennsylvania. But as you’re getting bids for your project- take that extra step and ask potential contractors who their suppliers are, where your materials are made.

We’re fortunate that, in our area, supporting locally manufactured materials couldn’t be easier.

Want to know more on how we at Martin Carpentry Inc. can help you replace or repair your roof? Read more about our roofing services here or schedule a call with Vern to get a bid for your project. 

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