I’m inviting you to feel spring with me-

Our daffodils have awaken from their winter slumber and I hear those first lines of Robert Frost’s poem A Prayer in Spring:

“Oh give us pleasure in the flowers today;

And give us not to think so far away.”

Spring is the very definition of hope and happiness. And gardens? There’s no better representative of the seasonality of life, and the anticipation of blessings to come.

I enjoy every season here in Pine Grove, PA. Living in Africa for a few seasons in the mission field gave me a deep appreciation for the ebb and flow of our weather. But spring holds a special place this year as the world slowly recovers from 2020 disruptions and we return to the people and activities we love with renewed appreciation.

Daffodils in spring

I sat down today to tell you about garden window inserts: those green-house style windows above the kitchen sink, sheltering colorful plants in our deep snowy days.

If you found yourself cultivating a succulent collection during the pandemic- or having a renewed interest in homestead gardening- this easy home addition is a great way to customize your space. These windows are not only a beautiful way to capture the life of spring year-round in Pennsylvania- they boast benefits like:

    • Versatility: use them in spring to start seeds, in the summer to promote growth in tropical plants, or in the winter to bring houseplants out of dormancy
    • Energy Efficiency: your drafty kitchen needs new windows anyway- so why not add something special that also decreases your utility bills
    • And Increased Natural Light: Does winter get you blue? Boosting natural light in your home is a great way to lift your spirits year-round

Designing Around Your Green Thumb with Garden Windows

I had to laugh when I read Domino’s executive director Kate Berry designs her home “houseplants first, furniture second.”

Kate Berry with plants

Kate Berry has next-level houseplant commitment.

Still, we all have some favorite plants we tend with love. Whether it’s a Dracaena trifasciata you got when you were first married (and is still miraculously alive!) or an amaryllis you bought last week to enjoy the first red bloom, you aren’t alone in finding a little inside greenery a source of comfort.

When a client comes to us for window replacements as asks about garden windows for their kitchen or sunroom, I’m thrilled. Why? I know the level of enjoyment they’ll get from an addition like this, season after season. Call me sentimental, but that makes me happy.

New Window AND New Garden in One!

By swapping out your classic windows for a window designed to grow plants, you’re creating an in-home garden.

Plus, these windows are designed with insulation in mind to guarantee your plants (and home) stay warm.

Garden windows can be replacement windows or a completely new build. Garden windows brighten and add a touch of life to your home. Is your office overcrowded and dim? Does your kitchen feel closed off and uninviting? A garden window can transform these spaces into a place you love to spend time in.

Garden windows are versatile in both design and function. On top of adding a customizable space to your home they also:

    • Save on power bills by being energy efficient
    • Add insulation to protect from freezing winter drafts
    • And are low/no maintenance

Sold on the idea, but want a little inspiration before you book your project? Here are a few favorites to help you fall in love.

Add a Touch of Hope to Your Kitchen

Garden window insert

Another famous poet, Chilean-born Pablo Neruda, always- and only- wrote in green ink. He claimed it was the color of “esperanza”. Hope.

With green trending as a kitchen cabinet color this year, too, I can’t think of a better way to incorporate all of our wishes for 2021 than to make space in your kitchen for plant-life.

Your kitchen is the life of your home. It’s where your family spends the most time growing together. Celebrate that by putting fresh herbs within reach and creating a place to watch as seedlings sprout for your vegetable garden outside.

Our two littles at home love being a part of anything outdoors, and miss that interaction when they’re cooped up in the winter. What a great way to grow something, and enjoy something, together.

Plants in white window

Garden windows are boxes, designed to sit further out from your home than standard windows.

Our supplier, Simonton creates the most durable vinyl windows on the market- and their windows can be customized to fit your space and shelving needs.

(Want to know more: Vinyl is the most durable material for windows.)

Despite the name, garden windows aren’t just for gardens. They can be used to showcase family heirlooms and treasures collected from travels. This family used their window to store kitchen goods and add a touch of color to their kitchen:

Jars in window

Adding Garden Windows to Your Bathroom

Another great place for garden window inserts? The bathroom.

I know what you’re thinking:

Why would I want a window in the bathroom? 

Trust me, you’re going to love:

    • How natural light makes your bathroom appear larger than it is
    • The extra protection against mold/mildew the fresh air gives your space
    • Plus, plants in the bathroom increase air quality and protect from bathroom bacteria

Plants in window in shower

Worried about privacy?

We’ll work with you to design the best window for your bathroom. Our supplier specializes in glass surfaces (reflective, frosted, and more) that can be easily changed for privacy needs.

Exterior garden window insert

Are you so excited about garden windows you’re thinking about putting them everywhere?

Bad news: These windows aren’t great for large application.

Good news: Let’s talk about bay windows.

The Perfect Window for Your Living Room

Bay window

Bay windows are perfect for brightening up large spaces- like the living room. The name comes from the word ‘baee,’ an old french word that means opening.

Bay windows are made of three or more windows that meet at an angle, leaving extra space for decorating, sitting, eating, and more.

Need a place to showcase your plants and watch them flourish? Give them the best space in the house:

Bay window with plants

Some house plants grow better with direct sunlight. Succulents and cacti love all the sunlight they can get, whereas herbs grow better in a garden window where they’ll get consistent indirect light throughout the day.

Have you always wanted a reading nook? Doesn’t the idea of a warm and comfy spot to sit and read sound amazing? Check out how these homeowners did just that when designing their bay window:

Bay window reading nook

Bay windows look great in bedrooms, too! Take this home for example:

Bay window in bedroom

The window makes this otherwise small room feel large and inviting.

Book a Garden Window or a Bay Window Remodel for Your Home

All that’s left to do is call us and reserve your spot on our schedule. Most window replacements take just one day- and the impact on your home’s design value is just as stunning as it looks!

Call my husband Vern at 570-345-0406 and we’ll help you design the perfect fit for your space.

Make next winter as beautiful as this spring with a garden window in your kitchen- or a built out bay in your breakfast nook.

Until then, enjoy the beautiful weather-

Jenny Martin

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