Don’t Let Hail Damage Become A Major Home Renovation.

Did you know that 8% of properties in Pennsylvania experience hail damage every year? In fact when it comes to hail damage, us Schuylkill county homeowners are in the top 5 areas in the nation.

Catching hail damage early is crucial. Why? When left unchecked hail damage almost always leads to larger and more costly home repairs.

But how do you know what to look for?

In this article, we’ll show you what to look for after that next big storm- and how to catch hail damage before it becomes a bigger problem.

#1. How Do Your Shingles Look?

Your shingles are usually the first indicator of a potential problem. And it makes sense- they do the brunt of the work when protecting your roof in a hail storm.

Because your shingles are most heavily impacted by hail,  knowing what to look for after a storm is key to deciding how far the damage has gone- and to what extent you need to repair your roof or home.

But let’s be honest: no one spends a lot of time looking at their roof. So if you find yourself thinking “What on earth do I even look for?!”- you aren’t alone! Take a look out your second story window or, even better, get up close to your shingles and see if you see signs of:

    • Dark stains
    • Cracked or brittle shingles
    • Loose pieces (or entire shingles missing)

Why Dark Stains Mean Roof Problems

Surprised that something as minor as dark stains can mean damage?

Think of this:

Imagine hiking in a forest and coming across a mossy spot on the floor. Moss doesn’t have deep roots, so any clearing with moss means that area has plenty of access to water.

The same goes for your roof! Dark stains on asphalt shingles are early signs of algae or moss growth. Which means this: your roof isn’t doing its job shedding water after a storm.

dark stains on shingles

Brittle and Loose Shingles Can Mean Big Problems, Too

Brittle and cracked shingles are caused by years of sun damage. If you see them, your roof is getting to the end of its life and may need to be replaced.

Loose shingles are an easier fix. If hail has knocked some of the shingles loose but, all in all, your roof looks solid- a contractor will be able to replace the damaged parts and keep your home protected.

In Pennsylvania, we recommend homeowners choose a roofing material that actively protects against hail damage. One of our favorites? The Timberline asphalt shingles from GAF. GAF’s impact resistant shingles are a great way to guard against hail damage and can also help you save money in the long run on insurance.

#2. Check The Outside of Your Home

The first thing you do after driving through a hailstorm checking your car for dents, right?

Your home is no different. A quick walk around your house will let you know if there are bigger problems on the horizon.

How do you know if hail has damaged your home?

    • Dented, cracked, or broken windows
    • Blisters, bubbles, or peeling paint
    • Chipped or cracked vinyl siding

If you see these signs on your house, call a contractor. When the exterior of your home is damaged, it means moisture can start building up inside your walls to create a host of interior problems- like mold. 

#3. What’s Going On Inside Your Home?

If you notice exterior damage, take the next step and check inside.


Start in your attic. Water spots on the floor can mean that shingles- and underlayment- is compromised. It’s important to talk to a roofing professional fast, especially during storm season, to protect the inside of your home against mold and mildew.

hail damage leads to attic leak

An experienced contractor can help you evaluate the damage, and make an immediate plan to minimize its spread. If you need to file an insurance claim before undergoing a bigger fix, your contractor should be able to guide you on how to make temporary steps to safeguard your home as the claim is being processed.

storm damage

Ready to Protect Your Home from Those Schuylkill Storms?

Not sure if your home has hail damage? Worried your roof won’t hold up for another season?

We can help.

We want you to spend each rainy day cozied up on the couch- not worried about the leak in your attic. We’re experts on spotting the warning signs of hail damage and, with a quick look, can show you

    • If your home actually has storm damage
    • And what your options are for repair or replacement.

Call us to get your roof on our schedule!

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