At Martin Roofing and Siding- Quality defines everything we do. 

For product? We work with American manufacturers like GAF and Ply Gem to guarantee everything we install is backed by durability and strength. Your home should be the strongest on the block– so we only work with top-quality products.

For install? We pride ourselves on honesty. We won’t take shortcuts like layering shingles to save time on your roof install, or upsell you on expensive “upgrades” that don’t really work. 

But most importantly, we only want the best of the best on our team. Every member of our team plays an essential role in your project. When you’re working with us, you aren’t hiring just a contractor…but a whole family of professionals who are dedicated to your project.  

You might not always see them though. We’ve got a lot of folks that support our field members back in the office. 

That’s why today, we’re going to shine a light on one of the amazing people behind-the-scenes who lends her skills in making every roof and home build incredible. 

Let us introduce Ana Hirsch, our in-house drafting and design architect.

Headshot of architect Ana


“What’s Your Professional Background?”

I knew I wanted to be an architect when I was 13 years old. My parents always joked that I had time to change my mind, but I never did! 

Part of my fascination with architecture comes from the mixing of art and aesthetic to construct something amazing. I love mixing these ideas to help people’s dreams come true. 

Professionally, I started my work as an architect in Argentina and Chile. I’ve also worked in Europe, living in Croatia for a period of my life. This mixture of cultures and experiences have helped influence my architectural style.

With architecture, there really is no small job. We’re meeting client’s needs, and working together to make their project a reality. I like acting as a translator, turning a client’s conceptual ideas into reality.


“How Did You Meet- And Start Working With- Martin Roofing and Siding?”

Architectural drawing and construction

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, my work lockdown. All construction stopped at the beginning of the pandemic. Here in Argentina we had the longest lockdown of any other country.

Months went by, waiting for work to resume. 

So, I started looking for work where construction was still going strong. Before long, I found an advertisement for work with a family owned company and I reached out. Family is very important to me- and I saw a chance to work with a company with the same values I have.

At that time Vern needed some images done for an addition. The moment we started together I felt it was an immediate success. We shared the same ideas and goals. It was like working a desk apart from each other- even though we’re in a different part of the world!

I’m really happy with this kind of work and the challenge it provides. Martin Roofing and Siding has a great team atmosphere. Everyone is eager to work and we work together as a team to get the job done. 

“When Do You Step Into a Client Project?”

It varies on each project. 

For example: if it’s a roof estimate, I calculate the materials and get the proposal ready to send to Vern for final approval. 

If we have a renewal or an addition, I work with the client’s wants and needs…and draw it up. It’s nice to have a visual representation of the project to show to a client before making a final plan.

Once the client’s approve a plan, I remain present throughout the process. Sometimes I assist with changes that come up in building, communicating with the team on the field, and material ordering. 

When a need comes up during the process- I’m there to help solve it. 


“What’s the Biggest Misconception About What You Do As An Architect?” 

Architectural drawing on space

People are sometimes afraid to talk in front of the architect. They put my work up on a pedestal and think of me as a special artist. But it’s not true! I love talking to people about their home. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know ‘technical’ terms.

In fact, the more communication the better. Part of my job is focusing on all the little details that go into the construction process. The more input from clients- the better equipped I am to create a design they’ll love.

It’s so important for the client to know they’re working together with us. Homes are personal, and I’m here to help guide homeowners into the right decision to fit their needs.

“Are There Any Projects You’re Excited About Right Now?” 

We’re working right now on a mother-in-law suite addition and I’m really excited about that! Keeping a family together is a beautiful goal in your work. 

Let me tell you a little about the space:

It connects through the kitchen, but also has an independent entry from the exterior. 

We’re adding a master bedroom and bathroom with a walk-in closet. There’s also a sitting area for her inside the space, so she has room to read and relax. In the kitchen, there’s a huge island- and we’ve redesigned part of it to wheelchair height for accessibility. 

There’s a lot of measurements and precision that goes into making everything ADA compliant. It’s been a challenging, but rewarding experience. 

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