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“Hey Vern, 

Our family just moved into an older home. We knew when we bought the house that the windows needed updating….but now it seems like a job for sooner rather than later. 

With all the rainfall, we’ve noticed that the windows on the main level are leaking. We’ve laid towels on the windowsill to work as extra insulation, but it’s not a permanent fix. 

My issue? It’s not something I had budgeted for right now. Can I get away with only replacing the ones that are letting water in?  


Jeremy from Lake Wynonah, PA


Jeremy, that’s a great question.

I understand not wanting to spend extra money if you can hold off on it for a while. It sounds like replacing some of the windows is already a surprise expense and you don’t want to spend more than you have to.

When it comes to replacing windows, the answer can vary.

Here’s something to think about: if you already have some leaking windows? The rest aren’t far behind.

Your old windows can be causing problems you can’t see (i.e. costing you extra every month in electrical bills).

The best way to know when to replace all the windows?

Check the Damage

Windows in living room

When you first bought your home, you knew the windows needed updating. They showed signs of damage even before leaking and that’s how you knew they would become a problem down the road.

But windows facing weather are going to wear faster than those on a protected side of your home.

If you really can’t see yourself spending the money to fully replace the windows in your home- here’s a quick way to assess how critical the damage is:

If your windows are:

    • Difficult to open and close
    • Letting in a draft (and increasing your electrical bill)
    • Chipped, damaged, or water stained

They’re worth replacing.

You already know your windows are old- these are signs that the next step (leaking!) is on its way.

When your house was first built, all of the windows were installed at the same time. It’s possible the previous homeowners might have replaced some of the windows before others- but it’s more likely that they’re all the same age.

Make Your Replacement Last

Natural light through open window

Jeremy, I understand wanting to make the most of your budget.

Although there’s no way to get around replacing the broken windows you can take steps to make sure your new ones last.

Our supplier, Simonton, specializes in quality, energy efficient windows, made with durability as a top priority.

Picture windows are a great budget friendly option for your home. These windows are fixed (don’t open) and cost between 30-50% less than double hung windows.

Look how nicely they showcase this living room by letting in undisrupted natural light:

Replacement picture windows

Single hung windows are another great option for homeowners looking to save on their replacement. These windows open at the bottom, but the top panel is stationary. Again- they cost a little less than traditional double hung windows.

Here’s an example:

Replacement single hung windows

When it comes to new windows, we recommend vinyl over wood.


Three reasons:

    • Twice the lifespan of wood
    • Little to no maintenance
    • Added insulation for extra energy efficiency

Want to learn more about why we love vinyl? You can read about all the benefits of choosing vinyl here. 

New House, New Windows

Whether or not you replace all the windows at once? That’s a choice I’ll leave to you.

But there are options to lower the cost. Choosing a thoughtful selection of fixed vs. single or double hung can save you thousands on materials.

When you’re ready to start replacing your windows, (some or all of them) our team is ready to help.

You can reach me at 570-345-0406 to talk more about window replacements and get on our schedule.

Talk soon,


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