Hop in your time machine to 2012. Will and Kate announce their royal pregnancy, the US brings home the most gold in the Summer Olympics, and a Star Wars reboot is on the horizon. 

Life is pretty good…unless you’re talking about home design trends. 

Why did we all think green chalk paint was a good idea?

Green chalk paint furniture

And the animal print craze? That was just too much!

Pink Zebra Print Decor

Chevron was okay…until it was everywhere. Every room started looking like a fun house after a while!

Chevron Walls

No need to feel guilty if you got out your painter’s tape to paint an accent wall. The front of every interior design magazine was plastered with BIG patterns and BOLD colors. 

That’s why they call it a trend. It comes…and then it goes. 

Pillows and wall paint colors are easy to bring in and out. But when it comes to the exterior of your home? The trends (thankfully!) move a little more slowly.

Even better? There are some vinyl siding trends that never go out of style. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at the three most popular 2022 vinyl siding colors. But unlike the shiplap Chip and Jo promised would always look fresh? These siding looks have staying power. That means when you update your vinyl siding? You can be confident your investment is going to pay off long term in making your home beautiful. 

Dusky Blue: America’s Favorite Color

Did you know most people’s favorite color is blue? It’s true! Blue is named as a favorite color in 10 different countries, across four different continents. 

Favorite Colors Around the World

Blue is beautiful. It’s calming. It’s lush and a little less ‘neutral’ than most exteriors without being wild. 

But don’t take it from me: According to this study 62% of survey respondents prefer blue walls. And in a 2017 Zillow survey, it’s shown houses with rooms painted blue sold for $5,440 more than asking price. 

Interior or exterior, American homeowners love this vinyl siding trend.

And in 2022? Dusky blue hues are topping the charts. 

Dusky Blue Vinyl Siding Trend

I can’t get enough of this blue shade! It’s such a gorgeous color, and matches with any style build. 

The color’s versatile, too. Prefer a brighter facade? Here’s the same color vinyl siding, but in a totally different look: 

Dusky Blue Siding With Lighter Mixed Facade

Pairing dusky blue with light accents creates a beautiful contrast. It feels calming and welcoming- everything a house should be! 

“But- how would blue look on a historic home?” -You 

It’s a match made in heaven. Take a look!

Blue Vinyl on Historic Home

Modern homes? No problem! 

Modern Style Dusky Blue Home

Dusky blue pairs perfectly on every home- and the color has been going strong for years. 

Want a color that looks good in every season? Have us make a virtual image of your home in this gorgeous color. 

White Siding: A Timeless Classic

White is the most versatile vinyl siding color on the market. 

Want your home to look and feel bigger on the outside? White siding. 

Want your older home to look architecturally ‘right’ but still brand new? White siding. 

Want the freedom to mix and match accent colors- and change with the latest trends? You guessed it- white siding!

With white vinyl siding? All of this is possible!

Take this home for example: 

"Before" of a Home

Before its exterior upgrade, it looks small and uninviting. But after making the switch to white vinyl? 

"After" of a Home

It looks downright cozy! Same square footage- but the house now looks bright and spacious. 

If you’ve ever sold a home, you’ve likely had a realtor recommend you paint your interior white before putting it on the market. The same goes for the outside of your home. According to this 2020 trend report, white is tied with gray as the most popular siding when selling! 

We talked a while back on the continuing popularity of the all white kitchen- dating back to the early 1900s. Your home’s exterior is no different. White vinyl has been one of America’s favorite vinyl siding trends since the introduction of vinyl siding. It’s beautiful on historic homes, like this one: 

White Siding on Historic Home

It’s so quaint! 

Do you think white means you can’t be creative? Think again! White allows you to play with any accent color you can imagine:

White and Blue house

Choosing white siding has a few hidden benefits, too. Such as:

Worried about keeping your vinyl siding looking fresh? 

With us- you’re guaranteed the best materials on the market. We only install PlyGem siding,  renowned for its incredible durability and low maintenance. Their product has built-in UV protection and holds up against the sun and rain we see here in Schuylkill County. 

Sage Green: Growth, Joy, and Renewal

My favorite thing about spring in Pennsylvania is looking outside at rolling hills of green. There’s a psychological reason we feel at peace when looking at the color green: We associate the color with life, with growth and renewal. 

In 2021, we talked about the popularity of gray and earthy green exteriors. This year, we’re naming sage green as our favorite vinyl siding trends. 

Sage Green Vinyl Siding Trend

In the 15th century, green dye was made from fern and buckthorn berries. This method didn’t hold up well, but the nature inspired color was still wildly popular. That’s why you’ve seen so many historic homes here choosing green as an exterior color. 

Sage Green Historic Home

The good news? With modern siding, you can have that gorgeous green and not worry about fading. 

Live in a home with a small yard? Or in an urban area with limited access to greenery? Sage green vinyl siding evokes the same positive emotions as plant life: 

Sage green house

Your home’s exterior is its first impression. With a sage green house? You’re saying “Our home is a place of growth, sanctuary, and peace.” What a beautiful message to come home to every day!

Discovered Your Dream Color? 

When you make the commitment to update your home’s vinyl siding, you want to be sure what you choose will last. With blue, white, or sage- you’ll love the way your home looks now and 15 years ahead.

Still need help choosing the right color for your home? You can read up on our design tips for choosing vinyl siding colors here. 

But past articles aren’t your only asset when it comes to vinyl siding trends. With GAF’s visualization software, we can upload photos of your home and show you what it looks like in different colors. You never have to worry about choosing the wrong color for your home! 

Ready to start the conversation on your vinyl siding project? Give us a call at 570-345-0436 and get on our summer schedule!