This year has been one of wonderful blessings here at Martin Roofing and Siding. We’ve added some great folks to our team to help us better serve homeowners here in Pennsylvania. 

Last month we posted an interview with our architect Ana Hirsch, who does phenomenal work helping homeowners find the perfect designs for new home builds, great home additions, and more detailed roofing projects. 

Everyone who works with us adds something special to our crew. There’s so much that happens behind the scenes. Vern and I are so thankful for everyone here at Martin Roofing and Siding. We couldn’t do it without them!

Today, I’d love to shine a light on an important member of our team through this interview. For years, I was the one at the helm of the office. As our business kept growing, it became clear to me I needed not just an extra hand- but a real pro in the administrative field. Fortunately, we found the perfect fit right here in Pine Grove. 

Meet Holly Reinford, Martin’s Executive Administrator.

“How Did You Meet -And Start Working With- Martin Roofing and Siding?”

Prior to working with Martin, I held a position as office administrator at a pest control company. I worked there for years but, after a while, the job began to feel like it wasn’t the right fit.

I wasn’t in a rush to leave, which provided me the time to explore all my options. After months of the usual LinkedIn scrolling and Indeed applications, I stumbled on an advertisement for a position with Martin Roofing and Siding. 

After applying, I had a brief pre- interview call with Vern- and then the actual interview. During the first call, I knew this was where I wanted to be! Vern listened to me, and asked about my skill sets- it was like we were interviewing each other! 

Because this was a new position for the company, we were both excited at the chance to use my years of experience to build great systems to make things smoother for Martin’s clients. 

“When Do You Step Into a Client Project?” 

When you call, I’m the first person you talk to!

One of my favorite things about my job is talking with customers. I love building relationships and getting to know the people we’re working with. Here at Martin, we’re a family…and that includes customers, too.

On the first call, I gather all the basics the crew will need. Contact information, project details, any urgent problems, etc. I also schedule a time for a member of the crew to visit and take measurements and photos for the proposal. 

My philosophy? The more information, the better. 

I want our guys to be as prepared as possible when they show up at your house. 

“What Happens After You Set Up a Project Estimate?”

Funny thing- we actually get our proposals started before Logan, Jeff, or Vern heads out to bid the project. We know it can be really frustrating for homeowners to have to wait to hear back from a contractor, so we try to streamline the process as much as possible. 

That’s why that initial phone call- and me gathering so much information- is so important. It’s like an interview with your project!

Ana, our in-house architect, or Lisa, our administrative assistant, actually starts building your proposal right after a homeowner calls in. If it’s an exterior project, like replacing a shingle roof, we pull images from a satellite software so we can get a rough idea of what a homeowner will need before our guys show up.

This speeds things up- and I think it’s one reason homeowners love working with us. If you have a leaking roof or damaged siding, you don’t have time to waste!

On site, one of our crew leaders will take a detailed look at the project to assess damage or any unusual challenges that might be involved. Then we finish up the proposal and pass it to Vern. 

Vern looks over and approves every proposal. He’s very detail oriented and wants to make sure everything is perfect for the client before it gets sent out. Once he gives it the go ahead, he send it to the client through BuilderTrend.

“What’s BuilderTrend?”

Buildertrend is the online software we use to save project photos and client information. It keeps everyone on the same page and also allows us to save a record of what projects you’ve had done on your home- so if you ever need to know what colors you’ve used or when a project was done…we can look that up for you. 

When you get a bid from Martin, you’ll get an email from BuilderTrend directly that allows you to look at the same detailed bid we use for our own crews. 

“Do You Help Choose and Hire Subcontractors?” 

Yes- and we take hiring subcontractors very seriously. 

Some projects require experts in special materials. Or, in the case of a full home build, we need extra hands on deck to get the project completed on time. At this point, we step in and hire a subcontractor. The people we hire are a reflection of the company, and as with everything, quality and excellence are critical. 

We know our clients have done their due diligence when hiring us, so when we add people to our own crew- we respect that by doing the same. 

Hiring a subcontractor takes time. I’ll check their insurance and licensing. If they have a reference list for past projects, I follow up by calling people they’ve worked with. 

I have a file full of information, like a copy of licensing and insurance, for every subcontractor we work with. I also upload this in Buildertrend, in case we want to work with them again later on. 

“Are There Any Projects You’re Excited for Right Now?” 

We’re finishing up on a newly built house in Ringtown. We broke ground on the project in October, and are almost finished with it. It’s been amazing to see all the progress! 

Interview with holly: Zolna House

For this project, we’ve had to hire out a few different subcontractors. I’m so happy with the people we’ve worked with and the quality of work delivered. Although I’m not there working hands on, I know I still played a part in its completion. That’s such an amazing thing!

“If Someone Was Considering Working At Martin- What Would You Tell Them?”

Wow, well- first I’d say…you can’t find better people to work for. 

I know there’s a lot of talk out there about employers not treating their crew right and that’s absolutely not the case with Martin. Working here I feel like I can absolutely trust everyone. From my first interview to now, working here is amazing. 

And Vern? Vern goes out of his way to put everyone in a place to really use their skillset. This isn’t a company where you fall through the cracks- or feel like you’re just a cog in the machine. I like working here because I feel like I’m making a contribution, and that my position has really been tailored to my strengths. 

If you’ve thought about joining our crew or getting on Martin’s subcontractor list, I absolutely would encourage you to do so!