In the last three years we’ve noticed a growing trend here in Schuylkill County…a demand for metal roofs. And not just for garages and barns: We’re seeing more high-end homes choose this beautiful and worry-free material for their roofing upgrade.

While it might seem like a new trend, the truth is metal roofs have protected some of the world’s greatest architectural wonders. And while there are some trends we hope we never see again (umm…hello 1980s hair!), when it comes to metal roofing? We’re happy to see it back.

Metal Roofing: History Repeats Itself

You’ve seen metal on the barns dotting the hills along route 143.

But don’t let its country application fool you: metal is historically the roof of kings. Or…at least great architectural wonders.

For instance, did you know the dome of the Roman Pantheon was covered in copper plates when built in 25 BC?

Or that metal was the choice of Medieval-era churches, including wonders like the Hildesheim Cathedral in Germany?

German Cathedral

You’re probably thinking:

“But hasn’t technology given us better roofing in the last hundred years?”

True, today’s metal roofing is vastly different from what was used hundreds of years ago. But as a testament to its longevity, the original roof on the church above was installed in 1280 AD… and survived until the air raids of WW2!

Let’s get back to today.

The two main styles of metal roofing you’ll see today are standing seam and grand rib.

In this post, I’ll give you some style inspiration you can take to your contractor for choosing the right look for your home.

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Standing Seam Roof: A New Classic

Grey Standing Seam Roof

100 years can’t be wrong: standing seam metal has been popular since the early 1900s.

Why? One word: Durability.

Let me explain why:

You can see how this roof is manufactured in large sections of vertical panels. The panels connect to one another to form seams, which are covered and protected by fasteners.

This means the only “weak point” in this roofing system are those occasional seams. And since those “weak points” are covered by the fasteners? They aren’t very weak at all! This type of roof is fantastic against the high winds we see in Summer.

Price per square foot can be as high as $6.50 per square foot. Although this seems like a steep cost, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Advantages to standing seam roofing include:

  • Little to no maintenance
  • Protect your home and family against harsh weather conditions
  • Energy Efficient- Metal roofs give your HVAC a huge advantage due to their insulative properties

For more information on the advantages to metal roofing, check out this post on the pros and cons of metal roofing. 

“Great!” you’re thinking, “But what about the style?”

Good news! If you’re looking to create a beautiful, stand out home, there are many styles in our catalog. This modern approach looks great in any neighborhood:

Grey Square Roofed Home

Living in a historic home? Metal fits perfectly. Standing seam is a complimentary to historic facades. The clean line of the roof provides a great backdrop for showcasing the original architectural features of your home.

Historic Home

If you’re one for dramatics, this interlocking roof design is perfect for you:

Interlocked Roof

Here’s a metal roof we just finished in Schuylkill County:

New Roof

If you’re ready to start your roof makeover, schedule a consult call with us, today!

Grand Rib Roofing: Off the Garage and Onto Your Home

Metal roof on grey house

You’ve seen it on the garage. I know, this sounds crazy, but trust me- grand rib is quickly becoming a popular option for the main house.This style has taken off in the past five years.

This look is popular for a reason and we’re in love with it. Take a look:

Grand Rib Roof

Grand rib roofing is similar to standing seam in style. The main differences are

  • installation
  • and how it’s made.

Instead of separate panels, grand rib is manufactured in large sheets. Its name comes from the ridges (or ribs) in the sheets of metal.

With benefits similar to standing seam, the only big difference is style.

Today’s grand rib is coming off the garage and going onto the home in part due to the vibrant color hues available. Take a look at this bright red roof and how wonderfully grand rib livens up this house:

Red Metal Roof

Or check out this clay orange color:

Orange Metal Roof

Perfect for Cabins and Getaway Vacation Homes

Durability is key for every home, especially those you aren’t in year round. Metal roofing is perfect for cabin homes both for its durability and minimal upkeep.

Don’t let surprise roof damage ruin your vacation. Making the switch to metal roofing guarantees your get-away is safely waiting for you, year-round.

Your cabin will love a new metal roof.

Metal Roof on Cabin

This red really adds a pop of welcoming color to this lake house:

Red Roof on Barn House

New Roof? Yes Please.

Ready for a home upgrade? Let’s schedule a time to talk about the right choice for your home.

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