43% of Americans start their Christmas shopping before the end of October

After last year’s delivery delays? I’m guessing most of us started a little earlier than in past years. Which is good because there’s always one impossible person to buy for on everyone’s list. 

You know who I’m talking about: Dad. 

Every year, I see articles on “The Perfect Christmas Gift for Dad” but they always have the same things. What can you do to show your appreciation for a guy who already has a perfectly good wallet, too many ties, and doesn’t need another tool set? 

Don’t worry- I can help!

This year, give Dad a gift designed to last. Instead of another ‘thing’ wrapped up under the tree…let’s talk about gifts that save him time, honor his interests, and give him back his workspace.

Our 2021 Christmas Gift Guide for Dad showcases 5 home improvements your spouse is guaranteed to love. 

#1 An Organized Garage for All His Hobbies

Home Improvement for dad #1

According to the Wall Street Journal, only 11% of Americans are satisfied with their garage. 

Is the man in your life a garage guy- keeping the family car’s oil changed or working on home projects after dinner? Although asking for a clean house falls more into mom’s territory, an organized garage is the perfect gift for a guy who loves his hobbies. 

Make it a real gift by hiring a pro to come in and set up a great system to organize the garage. 

Before you make a phone call, consider what type of help you want in this project. Similar to hiring a roofing contractor, outline what you want done and check reviews before committing.

Organized Garage

Here are the three types of garage organization services to help you choose the right fit:

    • Professional organizers will help you decide which items to keep, or toss. They’ll also make an organizational plan.
    • A junk removal service will be able to haul trash and recycle unwanted items.

    • Home cleaning services sometimes offer garage cleaning. They’ll clean out dirt, grime, and cobwebs. 

If you’re looking to get rid of large items, call a junk removal company. Otherwise, you can get by with a rented dumpster. For most garages, the value of a professional organizer can’t be underestimated. These teams make a plan tailored to your space to maximize workflow and storage. All you have to do is follow it!

If your dad loves spending time together, this is the perfect home improvement gift for him: quality time and a newly organized garage! 

#2 Gutter Guards: Saves Time and Gives You Peace of Mind

Home Improvement #2: Gutter Guards

Do you remember how you felt as a kid opening a pair of socks? They were nice but…when you’re eight the toys are much more exciting.

Now, socks are one of my favorite gifts! And clothes? It’s one of the best gifts folks give to our kids. It’s great when someone takes the hassle of shopping out of the picture for me. 

The point is as an adult gifts of convenience are the BEST. When someone saves you time or makes life a little bit easier- I appreciate it!

Enter this gift idea: Gutter Guards. 

Gutter guards cut back on home maintenance, making it one of the best home improvements. And as a bonus? If your husband isn’t sturdy on a ladder…you get the peace of mind knowing your significant other can keep his feet planted.  An average of 164,000 emergency room visits per year are caused by ladder falls. 

This installation is also a great gift for aging parents. 

Want to read up on the gutter guards of today? Discover more here!

#3. The Dream Deck 

Home Improvement #3: Deck Build

Heard of Yelp’s “Decks for Dads” contest? 

Dads can get a little ambitious on home improvements- diving into a new deck build as a “weekend project”. But building a new deck is a huge endeavor for any one guy! It happens so often that for Father’s Dad 2021, Yelp launched a contest for dad’s offering $2,000 to the lucky winner’s deck installation. 

With the help of the Martin crew, you can make Dad’s deck dreams come true and not lose your spouse to a weekend project that lasts a summer. 

Decks can be installed on every style of home- even historic homes. Check out this new deck addition on this historic home: 

Deck on Historic Home

Think your space is too small for a deck? That your property lines or tree lines won’t leave you enough space to enjoy an outdoor build? A skilled contractor can retrofit a deck to fit your existing space. 

Take this home for example: 

Small deck on home

Although it’s a smaller space, this deck is a gorgeous place to enjoy the fireflies in the evening. Plus, I love how it’s accessible from the master bedroom! 

When you schedule your deck build for this spring, our in-house architect will draw up the plans for your home improvements so you have something to wrap for dad this Christmas. Imagine how excited he’ll be about having a great outdoor space next year…all he has to do is figure out where to put the grill!

#4 A New Storage Shed: For Him… and the Kids

Home Improvement #4: Storage Shed

If the kid’s stuff is taking up too much space, consider building a cool storage shed instead. Not only does this give dad his space back, but you can make room for Dad to finally park inside your garage. 

Look at this shed turned kid’s space: 

Shed turned fairytale playhouse

It looks like something right out of a fairytale! 

Or check out this kid’s space. It doesn’t even look like a shed, just a small toy room:

Shed turned toy room

Pro tip: Consider hanging up a bike rack to free up space in the shed. 

Bike rack in shed

When considering a new shed, you’ll have to choose between a new build, or a prefabricated one. I always recommend a new build to homeowners. 


Prefabricated sheds are built using the cheapest materials available. On average, they only have a lifespan of 5-10 years. New build sheds can last up to 30 years! That means once the kid’s move out, you’ll have a solid space to repurpose for your empty nest hobbies. 

We can help you build a shed that looks like this:

Shed kid's space

So his garage can look like that: 

Organized Garage

#5 Theme a Space for Dad 

Home Improvement #5: Themed Space

Maybe you have a “no dead deer in the living room” rule in your house. Or perhaps dad’s sport’s memorabilia is starting to take over your perfectly decorating foyer. Sharing a space can be tricky- especially if you have one idea in mind and he has another.

So why not give him a space designed just for him? He gets room to spread and you can show him you really do appreciate his interests. 

Is dad a big fisher? Transform a room into the ultimate tackle room: 

Tackle Room for Dad

Is his most prized possession his boxed Criterion collection? Consider turning a space into an entertainment room: 

Entertainment Room for Dad

For best organization, make sure to add: 

    • Shelves for his photos 
    • Bookshelves for all media 
    • Racks and hangers for maximum floor space

When designing a room, there are a few ways to go about it. Does he already have an office? Retrofit it to accommodate his work needs as well as his hobbies. 

If there’s not an extra designated space don’t worry! Consider redecorating a guest bathroom to showcase the best of his pieces and dedicating the design to his interests. 

Make This Christmas a Year Dad Won’t Ever Forget

We’d love to be a part of making this the best Christmas ever for your Dad- and I hope this gift guide helps. If one of these home improvements caught your eye as the perfect solution- let’s talk! Small projects like gutter guards can be finished before Christmas. For others, we can create a project design to give to dad on Christmas day, and schedule our crew to start the project when the weather is right. 

Christmas is our favorite holiday in the Martin home. If we can help make yours happier- we’re on it!

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