Ever wondered why the average American replaces their siding? 

Did you guess it’s due to damage? 

You’d be right! A recent survey by Alside, (a siding manufacturer) found 39% of the 1,300 homeowners surveyed replaced their siding due to damage. 

The shocking part? 36% replaced their siding solely to boost curb appeal, and 23% did because they just didn’t like their home’s look. Here’s a complete breakdown of the survey’s findings: 

Siding replacement stat

After a decade in this business? The results come as no surprise here. Your siding makes up 70% of your home’s exterior. It’s the face of your home- the first impression for friends and neighbors. We all want to take pride in where we live, and that means loving how your home looks when you pull in from work!

But what do you do if you want to refresh your facade but you don’t have vinyl siding? Homeowners with brick homes, or mixed facades with a brick foundation, find opting for a total replacement isn’t just out of budget. 

Which is why we get this question so often:

“Can I paint my brick facade?” 

Chip and Jo Say No

In season 1, episode 2 of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper: Welcome Home” Chip and Joanna Gaines are asked this same question. Homeowner John wants the couple to paint his historic home white and they reluctantly say they will.

But after a deep clean? 

Chip and Jo decide they just can’t paint the historic brick. It’s too beautiful! Once the homeowner sees the clean home, he also falls in love. Here’s a photo- what do you think?

Brick Home

But is painted brick always a bad choice? As far as aesthetic is concerned, it’s a decision you should be 100% confident in: Once you paint brick, there’s no going back. 

When homeowners come to us asking about painting their brick I recommend doing this first:

Powerwash your home’s brick exterior. Unlike vinyl siding, brick can safely be power washed. If your brick looks streaked, dirty, or worn, sometimes the solution is as simple as cleaning it. If after washing it you’ve fallen back in love with the historic look? No need to change it. 

Still craving that fresh white brick? Read on for tips to safely paint your brick. But first let’s take a look at how painting bricks can affect your brick’s lifespan.

“Does Painting Brick Cause Structural Damage?” 

White painted brick home

There’s a fine line between updating your home and spending thousands on a trend that will date it in five years. If you’ve read about our 2022 siding trends, or our kitchen remodel trends, you know we always look at styles backed by history. 

Painted brick siding may seem like a new craze, but it’s been a stylistic choice since the 1870’s. Back then bricks weren’t as hard as they are now and often required a protective paint coating. From there, the style was born. 

But what was once done for added durability is now known to weaken the bricks.

The truth is painting modern brick- even if done correctly- will weaken the material. 

When a professional tackles the job, there is a lot of time sunk into preparation. We dry, prime, paint, and apply a protective coating. But even with these additional steps? There’s no way to guarantee moisture hasn’t been trapped in the layers at some point in the process. The best methods can only minimize the potential. 

Overtime, any amount of moisture will cause erosion. Working with a skilled contractor is the difference between eroded brick over decades instead of in the first ten years.

Future damage is the biggest downside to painted brick but it’s not the only drawback. Keep in mind that if you make the transition to painted brick: 

  • You’ll need to repaint the bricks every 5-10 years
  • Dirt and algae show easier on painted brick 
  • And- here’s the real kicker- painted brick is not ideal in rainy climates (that’s us Schuylkill county homeowners!)

If you’re interested in painting your brick facade, don’t try and DIY. This is a decision best carried out by a professional. 

Decided the risks outweigh the results? There are other ways to spruce up your home without threatening its structural integrity. 

The Safe and Stylistic Upgrade

Is your home ready for a new look? Let’s talk about safe and long-lasting alternatives to painted brick! 

Does your home have a mixed facade? Mixed facades aren’t limited to ranch style homes. We’re seeing them more and more in new builds, too. Instead of painting your brick foundation and risking a headache down the road, consider a facade update. 

Homeowners Bob and Karen traded their weather worn vinyl siding for a warm cappuccino color, and it looks like a brand new house! 

Here’s what it looked like before: 

Before photo of home
And after our team renovated it: 

After photo of home

Is your home a complete brick facade? If you’re looking for an exterior overhaul that won’t break the bank, consider manufactured stone veneer. Take a look at this home: 

Manufactured Brick Home

Manufactured stone is cost effective and lightweight. Authentic stone facades cost $28-$50 per square foot. But manufactured stone? This material ranges from $6-$9 per square foot. 

Want to know more about the benefits of stone facade? You can read all about it here!

Want to talk about your options for upgrading your brick facade? Whether you’re set on painted brick and want professional help, or want to explore more options, our team is here to help. 

Bring in your idea books and show off your Pinterest boards. We’ll make sure whatever upgrade you make, you fall back in love with your home. 

Give us a call at 570-345-0436 to start the conversation and schedule your free consultation!